Monday, 2 March 2015 Paydirt Review (1) with 1/2 gram of gold

This arrived yesterday: Paydirt.  $ 40 US with Free Shipping.

My son and I have been panning this Paydirt for a few weeks now... I realize that we went too quickly at 1st since we are still finding fine gold dust after panning the 3rd time. And now we are also finding gold flecks in the white Quartz. We keep updating the results below, but this will take some time to get all the gold !

Comes with glass vial, small black sand magnet, and 2 pages of instructions and tips for panning this Paydirt.

Ships from British Columbia Canada.

So far we are up to 1/2 gram of gold with a lot more fines and flour gold to pan out.

If Gold is selling at $40/gram we have already extracted $20 US of Gold with more to come...

Video below ...

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