Sunday, 31 January 2016

East Coast Pay dirt Review - NC 3 1/2 lb bag for $14.99

East Coast Pay dirt. 3 1/2 lb plus  1/4 " classified.  $14.99 + shipping from the US  from Chris Chadwick at Chadwick Farms

This Paydirt is available here :

We just started to pan this today and so far have found some really great rock and gem specimens and lots of really nice gold ! We'll post photos and video below. green jade ?  6.5 gram Pyrite, some very nice pink quartz.

Awesome Paydirt Chris Chadwick !

Petrified wood ?  Pyrite.... Jade ?  Garnets ? and lots of really nice yellow gold.

Great Pay dirt !

0.30 grams of gold so far and more fine gold to snifter up !

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Forrader® 60X Mini Pocket Microscope Loupe with UV Currency Detector & 2-LED White Lights for $2.95

Forrader® 60X Mini Pocket Microscope Loupe ... for $2.95

With 60 X Magnification and light this is a very good loupe to help you find all that fine gold in your pan or sluice ...

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Gold Purity Test Kit by PuriTest $13.15

PuriTEST 7 Piece Gold Testing Acid Jewelry Test Kit w/ Scratch Stone 10k, 14k ,18k ,22K, Platinum, Silver, and Scratch Testing Stone Fresh from the Factory  (4.5/5  Stars) 

Available from:

This Comes with a large testing stone 2" x 1.5" Each bottle has 1/2 fl oz of acid. 

The sturdy plastic bottles maximize safety and allow the user to easily squeeze out one drop at a time. All bottles have different cap colors to help keep acid karats organized easier Latex Gloves are recommended with the use of any testing acids for safety 

You will receive: 1 bottle of 10k testing acid 1 bottle of 14k testing acid 1 bottle of 18k testing acid 1 bottle of silver testing solution 1 bottle of platinum testing solution 1 bottle of 22k testing solution 1 Scratch Testing Stone 2" x 1.5"

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale .001g $19.62

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G  $19.62 from (Free Shipping)

Available here:

Weighs up to 20 grams in 0.001 gram increments
- Includes carrying case with tweezers, tray and calibration weight
- The flip-down shield protects the delicate weighing surface
- Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)
- Backed by a powerful 10 year warranty

Paydirt Reviews: Gold Purity and the color of your gold.

This chart shows the various colors of gold and their corresponding Purity.  % Au

As you can see at the very top of the pyramid is the highest Purity of Gold. (% Au)

The color will be a orange yellow. Check your Gold Paydirt Results.

Which one has the highest Purity?

You can scroll through our blog posts and view the various photos of our results to see which has the highest % Au. 

I will send some of the Paydirt Results to the University to have tested for Purity and post results below.

I will also order a good Gold testing Kit and compare the results.

Gold Testing Solutions Kit 10k 14k 18k 22k Si... by PuriTEST via A for $13.99