Sunday, 31 January 2016

East Coast Pay dirt Review - NC 3 1/2 lb bag for $14.99

East Coast Pay dirt. 3 1/2 lb plus  1/4 " classified.  $14.99 + shipping from the US  from Chris Chadwick at Chadwick Farms

This Paydirt is available here :

We just started to pan this today and so far have found some really great rock and gem specimens and lots of really nice gold ! We'll post photos and video below. green jade ?  6.5 gram Pyrite, some very nice pink quartz.

Awesome Paydirt Chris Chadwick !

Petrified wood ?  Pyrite.... Jade ?  Garnets ? and lots of really nice yellow gold.

Great Pay dirt !

0.30 grams of gold so far and more fine gold to snifter up !

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